Free WordPress Website Scan
for Performance, Security, and SEO

Scan your website for out of date software, security, and SEO concerns and get a free, actionable site report.

WordPress Security

Attacks on WordPress sites are both automated and targeted. Some basic hardening of the website and eliminating out-of-the box application exposures can go a long way.

This scan will look for some common vulnerabilities and major opportunities for improvement in terms of locking your WP site down.

Performance & Optimization

More and more users are visiting sites via mobile and remote connections. Optimizing performance is huge for both user experience and customer satisfaction – search engines are using performance to calculate SERP’s, as well.

This scan will look for common opportunities and misses with regards to your WordPress website’s performance.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everyone wants to rank higher in search. To be seen is crucial in today’s attention economy.

This scan will check some core SEO hits and misses that can be gleamed from your markup, such as the presence of title tags, headings, meta and OpenGraph data, structured markup/schema, and even some basic accessibility issues.