Affiliate Program

Earn commissions for each new sign-up and an opportunity to earn recurring commissions for active customers.

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Earn $10–20 per new sign-up PLUS $250+ per month* with WP Maintainer’s Affiliate Program!

* Based on recurring commission tier and requirements


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Please review our Commission Structures and FAQs below.

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How It Works

Apply/Sign Up

Sign up as an affiliate and once approved you will receive a login to your affiliate dashboard.

In that dashboard will include your affiliate link and new customer promo code, as well as stats on referral traffic and conversions.

Share Your Link

Link to WP Maintainer using your affiliate link and/or promo code on your site and start tracking potential customers.

You can see tracking statistics in your dashboard for the number of customers who have been tagged with your tracking code and how many conversions you’ve made for the given period.

Earn Commissions!

Ensure you fill out all required fields for your payment information and receive Paypal commission payments month.

Read more below about how you can hit a recurring commission tier and make money every month for every on-going customer you have referred!

Initial Customer Sign-up

When a customer that has been tagged with your affiliate code signs up, we keep a record of it. Once they hit the second month of service, you will receive a commission:

  • $20 per new customer paying full price
  • $10 per new customer using a promo code

Recurring Commissions Tier

Once you have 25 or more customers subscribed with your affiliate code, you will start receiving recurring commissions of $10 per on-going customer subscription. That’s a minimum of $250/month once you hit 25 recurring customers with no upper limit!

Commissions per customer are paid after the receipt of the second month’s subscription payment.

Remember, Terms & Conditions do apply.

Common Questions

Answers to common questions about our Affiliate Program.

When do I get paid?

You are paid after the receipt of the second month’s payment from a customer. This data is tracked between our website/sales platform and the affiliate platform/affiliate dashboard. Payouts will happen by the end of the month for qualifying transactions. Payments include both initial sign up commissions and on-going/recurring submissions, when applicable.

What are the terms and conditions?

Please review our latest affiliate terms and conditions here.

How do I refer customers?

You are allowed to refer customers using your blog/website, social media channels, or other avenues of communication. You’ll receive a personal affiliate link once you have applied and been approved, as well as access to the affiliate dashboard.

That dashboard will have your affiliate link and a $20 off your first month promotional code (remember, usage of the promotion code will lower your initial payout), as well as statistics on traffic and conversions. We also provide some basic logos and common ad-sizes if you want to have evergreen advertisements on your site that point to your affiliate URL.

We’ll also track the promotional code usage when a conversion occurs, to try to reconcile those customers back to you. As a best practice, always link to your affiliate code (we provide sample links to your affiliate code with and without your promo code!).

You must be honest and not misrepresent yourself or our brand. Please consult the Affiliate Terms & Conditions for more detail.

What if someone cancels before their second month?

In the event a customer cancels before their second month’s billing cycle, you would not earn a commission. Sorry!

What if I don’t have a Paypal Account?

We’re working to create multiple channels for affiliate payments, but for now, Paypal transfers is the only way. Zelle and Venmo may happen in the future, or ACH may be possible one day. Please sign up for a Paypal account and enter that email into your payout details in the meantime!

What if I refer someone and you don’t give me credit?

We are tracking customer referral codes. If you refer someone and they click another affiliate link after they click yours, but before they sign up, the latter affiliate will get the conversion/commission.

If you think a site has signed up that you should receive credit for, please email with the domain and any contact information you have for the site owner (or have the site owner contact us to confirm).

We’ll make every effort to make sure you’re paid!